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  • GrassCut 230-4 grass-cutting blade

    STIHL Metal Grass Blade (4B) – 230mm


    4 sided grass blade compatible with Stihl: FS55R, FS55, FS56 RCE, FS70 RCE, FS70 CE, FS91, FS111, FS131, FSA130, FSA135, FSA130 R, FSA135R, FS94 CE, FSA90R, FSA90, FS240 CE, FR131T, FR460 TCEFM * Please note, to fit this blade you will need the blade conversion kit (supplied by Stihl with some models). Please consult owners…


    STIHL Autocut 25-2 Mowing Head


    Double lines, for mowing and thinning work. Mowing lines are automatically extended when the mowing head is tapped on the ground. Comes fitted with 2.4mm line, will take a maximum of 2.7mm. Fits: FS55 FS55R FS56 RC-E FS70 C-E FS91 FS111 FS94 RC-E FS94 C-E FS131 FS240C-E FSA90-R FSA90 FR131T FR460 TC-EFM FS70 R-CE FSA135…

  • STIHL grass blade

    Stihl Metal Grass Blade (2B)- 230mm


    Steel double blade, reversible. For working on areas of tough grass. Metal grass blade to fit Stihl Machines: FS55R / 55 / 56 R-CE / 56 C-E / 70 R-CE / 70 C-E FS91 / 111 / 131 / FSA130 FSA130R FS94 R-CE / 94 C-E / FSA90R FSA90 FS240 C-E FS131 T FR 460…